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The purpose of the E.P.U System is to provide the community with basic self-defense skills, verbal skills, and knowledge that will help you build character and discipline in order to protect yourself, family, friends and children.

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I want to thank John Fletcher and Maurice Thompson for their training my daughter Claire in their self defense course. I feel much better that she is better prepared for her future being educated and trained for various possible situations. I am hoping the my other daughter does the same when she can.
As a concerned parent, I enrolled my teenage daughter in a personal self-defense training program, and I must say it was an incredibly positive experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent looking to empower their child with critical life skills and enhance their public safety. Not to mention, the instructors are top notch, very informative, and patient.
I really liked the class, it taught me how to defend myself from possible attackers. This class taught me to always be aware of my surroundings even in the most crowded places, because not everyone will help you in certain situations so you gotta help yourself. This class gave me much needed exercise and it got me back into the martial art spirit. The class also made it easier to learn certain moves and the test wasn't that hard, I also liked the teachers and they had good juice. 🙂 Overall 10/10
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