E.P.U. Personal Self Defense Systems LLC

The purpose of the E.P.U System is to provide the community with basic self-defense skills, verbal skills, and knowledge that will help you build character and discipline in order to protect yourself, family, friends and children. Let us help you feel safe and prepared.

At the end of your training you will be better prepared to deal with this every changing world we live in. Nothing is guaranteed to work don’t get me wrong, the BAD GUYS are out there training and doing what BAD GUYS do as well.

That’s why training in the BASICS learning VERBAL JUDO and PRACTICING daily what you have learned to the best of your ability will make a big difference in a confrontation.

E.P.U System’s Goals

Self Confidence: Provide students with a solid foundation for self reliance and an understanding and belief in ones own abilities.


Discipline: Provide training that develops self control, character, orderliness, and efficiency in basic self-defense skills.


Leadership: Motivate students to seek leadership responsibilities, prepare them for the challenges of the future and enable them to think clearly and decide wisely, act decisively under pressure in a variety of leadership situations.


Self -Defense: A by product of all the above , will enable the student to feel good about their learned abilities and be confident in making the right decision in a sometime hostile environment.

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